The Problem for Traditional Property Investors.

The problem for property investors

If You Are Starting Out In Your Property Investment Journey, Or, May Have A
Property Or Two In Your Portfolio, You May Ask Yourself Things Like:

  • Should I buy new or established property?
  • Should I buy a house or unit?
  • What location should I buy in?
  • What are the economic drivers in an area?
  • What returns should I be looking for?
  • Should I focus on cashflow or equity increase?
  • Is negative gearing good for desired outcome?
  • How do I ensure I have tenants?
  • What happens if my property is vacant?

The plethora of information readily available to you can be confronting as it seems everyone you speak to has a conflicting opinion including friends, family, investment specialists, brokers, banks etc. At this point, your mindset has shifted away from strategic investment decision making to who’s more correct, who can I trust and is their opinion bias?

When you get to this point – it’s not enjoyable and it’s by no means productive.

People who want to invest in property do it because they have a driving vison or end goal of what they want their lifestyle and financial circumstances be like in the future. When you start your research for solutions that will provide these outcomes, you will naturally attract the opinions of others, whether they are asked for or not. 

It’s important to keep your vision at the core of what you believe to be valid. This ensures you don’t act on advice that isn’t in alignment with your goals.

Whether it be referrals to investment specialists from friends, blogs, news articles – the property investment space is cluttered with information and talking with potential investors every day, we feel the same pain.

But the real problem investors face isn’t about what strategy to use. It’s much more wide-spread and profound to the Australian Property market.

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