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Wealth Creation

AUSTWIDE Invest was established in 2007 with the aim of enabling more people to benefit from the lifestyle and rewards of owning investment property in Australia. We are a professional, competent and experienced business offering a genuine service to create wealth through the purchase of real estate. Our reputation is built on the fundamental values of integrity, excellence and simplicity which are all reflected in our business practices. Our commitment to these values enables us to develop long term relationships with customers which are based on mutual trust and understanding.

AUSTWIDE Invest was founded in 2007 by Salinder Kler and Ehsan Davari. Both the founders have a collective experience in the investment property and finance fields of more than 40 years. AUSTWIDE Invest works in conjunction with a team of professionals from all relevant areas of property investing. This includes financial services, banking, legal and insurance. This wealth of collective experience and expertise insures our clients get the best available advice.

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Investment Properties

Property is still regarded as one of the best investment tools because of its many benefits. As well as being the most favoured collateral by banks, investing in residential property can be useful for tax deductions involving negative gearing, and the property increases in value over time.

Self Managed Super Funds

Until this time you had to have the entire purchase price of the property available in your fund. Owning a property within your fund can be much more tax effective than investing in your own name. For example, once your SMSF has held the property for more than 12 months, capital gains made on its sale will be taxed at a maximum rate of 10% (and 0% if the fund is in the pension phase).

Overseas Investors

The Australian Government has warmly welcomed and encouraged people from all parts of the world to make this country their home, based on the principle espoused by Nelson Mandela that “a country belongs to all those people who make it their home”. We have also welcomed with open arms investment in Australian real estate  by foreign nationals.

Property Finance and Loans

We have a vast network of finance brokers and can help with organizing your loan. We work in conjunction with many leading banks in order to find the best loan option that suits our client’s requirement.


Recent changes to superannuation legislation mean that it is now possible for “Self Managed Super Funds” (hereafter referred to as SMSF) to borrow to invest in residential property.

Dedicated Project Manager

You will be having your dedicated project manager to assist with your investment and property development.

Wealth Creation

We offer a range of wealth creation strategies through investment property that has built our client’s portfolios over the years.

House & Land Package

We offer range of house and land packages that will suit your budget and borrowing capacity.

Looking to buy a House and land package or an apartment as an investment property?